2019 Writing Goals

Posted by Sammi Spizziri on January 04, 2019 · 2 mins read

2019 is here, which means it’s time to set some new writing goals!

Following up 2018 feels daunting since it was my biggest year yet: I completed my first viable draft and revised it, let others read and critique the full work, entered (and won!) a few writing contests, received my first partial and full manuscript requests, and yes, my first rejection (that sounds like a bad thing, but I promise you it’s the first step toward publication!)

But I know there’s more to accomplish with my writing. More I want out of it and more I want to give. Which is why I created a list. Goals are more effective when you write them down. Have you heard that? And even more so when you share them with someone. So here goes.

  • Apply for Author Mentor Match and/or Pitch Wars
    • Why? I need solid outside feedback from someone who’s been through the process before. It’s easy to lose track of the core of the story, and I want guidance on making it the best story it can be before querying.
    • What I’m looking for - someone who loves my story and can help guide me. I’m ready to buckle down, I just need guidance on where to focus the energy!
  • Continue to learn the craft through workshops/conferences/books in areas I need to grow in
    • I’m sure the list of areas I need to learn more about will only grow as time goes one. So much to learn and always room for improvement!
  • Revise After I Bid You Adieu (current manuscript) as best I can
  • Pick a new story idea and complete first draft
  • Query!

Wow - that’s a big list. Better start chipping away!